Beginner Course

Graphic Design

Average time Duration : 6 Months (2hrs/day)
In this course, Students will have complete hands-on training on all popular design applications used in print mediums, special classes based on Typography, Colour Sense will expand the knowledge of students towards the aesthetics.
Course Details-

1. Digital Illustrations:

    • Visual communication, Laws of Design.
    • Scribbling layouts.
    • Vector Illustration.
    • Vector Vs. Raster.
    • Creating Illustrations through Wacom device.
    • Colour Schemes and Colour Theories.
    • Gestalt Psychology of Design.
    • Hierarchy of importance in a design.
    • Packaging Design.
    • Case Studies and Project.

      2. Advanced Digital Imaging

    • Advanced Raster techniques.
    • Creating collages and masks.
    • Digital Paintings and Matt Paintings.
    • Image correction techniques for DSLR images.
    • Designing Brochures, Catalogues and Newspapers.
    • Designing for publications.
    • How Advertising agency works.
    • Case studies and Projects.

      3. Layouts for Publication Design, Prepress & Production

    • Layouts based on international typesetting rules.
    • LPI Vs. DPI. File Formats
    • Fonts management in PCs and Macs.
    • Form Creation for offset.
    • Printing mediums.
    • Preparing files for prepress.
    • PS vs PDF, Editing PDF.
    • Trapping & Overprinting.
    • Paper sizing.
    • CD Printing.
    • Post Press.
    • Costing methods.

                   4.Portfolio Design

  • Branding exercises including logos and stationaries
  • Social Design campaign
  • Designing for packaging
  • Digital Painting & Matt Painting collection
  • Artworks for Advertising
  • Design Concepts & Symbolism through graphic design
  • Typography projects
  • Symbols & Icon Design
  • Design for Publications
  • Information Design
  • Printing- Process, strategy and costing

HTML & CSS (Web Design )

Average time Duration : 6 Months (2hrs/day)
This course is designed for professionals who are interested in adding web design to their creative skill set. No previous experience with HTML or CSS is required.
Course Details-

What you’ll learn in this training course:

        Understanding the Importance of Web Design

        Planning Your Website

        Choosing Web Design Tools.

        Working with Graphics, Color and Transparency

        Using CSS for Formatting Text

        Creating Layouts with CSS

       Introduction to Interactivity and Media


        Course outline:

  • 1. Importance of good web design:  ROI ,Usability, Web Standards and its benefits, How Web pages work, Internet, Hosting, Service providers, Web page content, History.
  • 2. Planning process : Wireframing, Storyboarding, Information Architecture, UX design considerations.
  • 3. WEB DESIGN TOOLS : Text editors, Visual editors, Root folders
  • 4. Graphics, color, and transparency : Using graphics, File size, Format, Image editors, Understanding web color space, Platform differences in color, Best formats for graphics with color.
  • 5. Using CSS for formatting text : Creating CSS for text formatting, Defining information hierarchy, Importance of styles for SEO
  • Image correction techniques for DSLR images.
  • 6. Creating layouts with CSS : Using DIVs as containers, Creating an ID style, ID vs. class styles for DIV tags, Absolute positioning ,Styling DIVs, Borders, background colors, padding ,Integrating background images, Understanding overlap and z-index ,Using relative position, Creating a wireframe layout, Adding the float and clear properties, Adding and formatting content.
  • 7. Introduction to interactivity and multimedia : JavaScript, Video, Audio, Designing for mobile & devices , Introduction to HTML5.


Average time Duration : 6 Months (2hrs/day)
This course familiarize students with the ins and outs of basic JavaScript and then move on to advanced tools for adding really useful interactivity to a Web site as quickly and easily as possible with the help of prewritten jQuery libraries.

Students should feel comfortable with HTML and CSS to get the most from this course. Class discussions are geared toward intermediate and advanced computer users.

Codeigniter (PHP Framework)

Average time Duration : 6 Months (2hrs/day)
CodeIgniter is Php based open-source rapid software development framework. It is a simplified way of developing PHP websites because of the less coding required in its process. Its a fast, reliable and scalable platform. Brands like Nissan, Buffer, Mail & Guardian use CodeIgniter framework. 

Laravel (PHP Framework)

Average time Duration : 6 Months (2hrs/day)

PHP, as a scripting language has been very popular due to its simplicity, speed and scalability. There are a number of PHP frameworks that help make this language easier to adopt and among the most popular of these is Laravel- widely adopted due to its simple and elegant syntax that eases the development process and simplifies routing, authentication, caching through built in templates, libraries and MVC architecture.


Average time Duration : 6 Months (2hrs/day)

Learn how to build a website or blog in WordPress with this course. In these courses, youll learn how to install WordPress and configure it for SEO and publish your images and posts with the open-source WordPress content management system..